23 July 2010

Book Series: What's So Great About Christianity | D'Souza

In the following series, I'll be posting my notes on selected chapters of What's So Great About Christianity by Dinesh D'Souza. This book is part of the reading I am undertaking in my quest for the truth about god, heavily inspired by the Ultimate Truth-Seeker Challenge (Easy Version) from Common Sense Atheism.

My initial reaction to this book was quite negative. The introduction and first chapters were laden with guilt-imposing language and cleverly worded sentences which seemed to constantly imply that atheists are part of a military movement trying to take over the country. It somewhat upset me as I could see nonbelievers perhaps more justified in writing the same of Christian fundamentalists, various media sources I've seen, activists pushing purely religious agendas on America and/or the world, etc. In any case, I decided to only read chapters that seemed to address truth claims or arguments, not those merely showing how Christianity is good, dealing with historical complaints (e.g. Inquisitions/Crusades), why Christianity is the reason we have the scientific method, etc. I only want to know if it's true and therefore it's positive/negative influence doesn't concern me at this moment.

Posts in this series:
Ch 9: From Logos to Cosmos
Ch 11: A Universe with a Beginning
Ch 12: A Designer Planet
Ch 13: Paley Was Right
Ch 14: The Genesis Problem
Ch 15: The World Beyond Our Senses
Ch 16: In the Belly of the Whale
Ch 17: A Skeptic's Wager
Ch 20: Natural Law and Divine Law
Ch 21: The Ghost in the Machine
Ch 22: The Imperial "I"
Ch 23: Opiate of the Morally Corrupt
Ch 24: The Problem of Evil
Ch 25: Jesus Among Other Gods
Ch 26: A Foretaste of Eternity


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