25 April 2011

Taking a break

I'm announcing a short-medium term break for a while. I have a lot of reading to do and am quite prone to distraction. I plan on attempting not to follow any blogs until I finish "my chores" which I think will keep me more on task and especially out of the o-so-tempting comment dialogs I careen into!

Once I finish some rationality-improvement exercises, I'll be starting on my book list and will definitely be posting my summaries for those just like some of my others.

So, after I post this, I'm un-following all blogs except the comments thread on this one. I still want to respond to any readers who stop by to visit or post.


... Zoe ~ said...

Wishing the best.

DoOrDoNot said...

good luck in your endeavor. I look forward to future posts.

Like a Child said...

enjoy the break!

Hendy said...

@All: thanks! I hope to be back to book postings in not too long, and will probably post more in the "unequally-yoked" marriage series as well. Mainly I just need to put some blinders on as I'm too easily distracted :)

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