Who are you?

My name is John W. Henderson. I'm a resident of St. Paul, MN, in his mid 20's and am married with two children. My passions include general geekery (comparing cell phone plans, visualizing Bayes' theorem, debunking a multi-level-marketing scheme, Linux/open source software, hobby programming, etc.); human cognitive function, rationality, and self-improvement (primarily though LessWrong, perhaps the greatest site ever); repairing/rebuilding mechanical thingies; woodworking (like this, this, this, this, this, and this); and finally, discussing god's existence (or lack thereof) and the general phenomenon of religion and supernatural belief.

This blog will feature a smattering of any and all of my interests and I hope they prove enjoyable or at least useful to some.

What's with the name?

I thought of it one day and quite a long time ago and just like it. I love science, technology, and being a geek. What's more to say? It fit.

So... why another blog?

Great question. For several reasons. Primarily, this blog is for me! I process through writing and wanted to have a place to record my thoughts. Following closely behind is the motive of spreading information and knowledge to others. Humans are collaborative and communal. I'm fairly confident that most of what I think or write has already been the product of at least one other mind, but putting things in my own words may strike a chord with a particular reader or simply be found more easily than another reference.

In particular, my religious deconversion was a massive event in my life. It can be a very scary and lonely time; at the very least, I hope that my blog serves the purpose of letting others in similar situations know that they are not alone.

Blog Template

As noted in the footer, the template was found at Blogger Templates, a collection of free templates. It is a modified form of Infinity Games, which I liked quite a bit despite the fact that I have very little interest in video games. In fairness to the design, there were originally links to some sites which I feel compelled to list even though I could not bring myself to have them permanently affixed to the footer: MMORPGs, Facebook Games, and Game Soundtracks.